TRAC Pressure Reducing & Temperature Regulating Valves

Dante Valve Company is honored to be the master distributor for TRAC Regulator. (view pdf).

TRAC Regulator has been providing high-quality automatic pressure and temperature regulators to the United States Navy since 1976. Their products are designed for durability and dependability and are installed in various shipboard systems on United States Navy surface ships and submarines, United States Coast Guard cutters and polar icebreakers, as well as surface ships of the Royal Canadian Navy, the Royal Australian Navy, the Republic of China Navy (Taiwanese Navy), and the Armada Española (Spanish Navy). Although designed and constructed for combat ship system installations, there are many industrial and commercial marine applications in which a TRAC valve is ideally suited.

TRAC valves are manufactured in accordance with the detailed U.S. military specifications governing automatic pressure and temperature regulators. Pressure reducing valves are manufactured in accordance with MIL-V-2042, ASTM F 1370, MIL-V-2961, MIL-V-17848 and MIL-V-24384. Temperature regulators are manufactured in accordance with MIL-V-19772 and MIL-DTL-19772. TRAC Regulator products are designed to meet the shipboard shock and vibration requirements of MIL-S-901 and MIL-STD-167.