Model Descriptions:
Shipboard air compressor pressure relief valve for liquid drain application. Connections are 1/2″ union end silver braze on both the inlet and outlet. The valve is in full conformance with Mil-V-22549 and features bronze construction, a soft-seat bottom-guided design and a threaded cap. Rated to 400 PSIG.



  • Danco Valves are the industry’s premier mil-spec relief valves. The valves are quick acting, non-chattering and smooth guiding. They also feature optimal sealing tightness with a unique soft-seat design.
  • Shock approved in accordance with Mil-S-901C. Vibration approved in accordance with Mil-Std.-167-1.
  • We warranty materials and workmanship against defects for two years after the date of installation. This comprehensive warranty ensures complete manufacturer support.
  • All valves are wire sealed to prevent unauthorized tampering.
  • For capacity information specific to your application, please contact us.

Standard Materials:

  • Body: Bronze/ASTM B61
  • Bonnet & Cap: Naval Brass/ASTM B21
  • Seat: CRES 304/ASTM A276
  • Disc Assembly:
    • Disc: Naval Brass/ASTM B21
    • Disc Insert: Teflon/AMS 3660
    • Disc Guide: Bronze/ASTM B61
  • Stem Assembly:
    • Stem: CRES 304/ASTM A276
    • Stem Foot: Naval Brass/ASTM B21
  • Spring: Music Wire/ASTM A228

Weights & Dimensions:

  • Overall Height: 6.25″
  • Center-to-Inlet Face: 2.75″
  • Center-to-Outlet Face: 2.75″
  • Note: Dimensions include Union Nuts & Tailpieces
  • Unit Weight: 3 LBS.

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