Aquatrol Safety Valves

//Aquatrol Safety Valves
  • Description: Aquatrol’s Series 120 and 130 (air, gas and steam) safety valves are designed for safety and pressure relief/regulation for light- and medium-capacity applications where a smaller valve is needed. Features:
    • Fixed blowdown
    • Brass and bronze construction
    • Metal-to-metal seating
    • Rugged yet economical
    • Stainless steel springs
    • Factory set and sealed
    • Excellent seat tightness
    • High-quality smaller valve
    • Compressors
    • Receivers
    • Gas lines
    • Steam lines
    • Air and gas receivers
    • Piping system/tanks
    • Steam cleaners, sterilizers
    • Autoclaves
    Sizes: ¼” to 1” Pressure and Temperature Limits:
    • Pressures to 200#
    • Temperatures to 406 degrees F°
    • Stainless seat and disk
    • Polishing and chrome plating
    • Oxygen cleaning
    • Variety of inlets, outlets and lift levers
    • Many configurations (not shown)
  • Description: Aquatrol’s Series 140 (steam, air and inert gases) is a ball-seated safety valve used for applications where higher capacity may be required with a smaller valve. Designed, tested and built for heavy-duty applications. Features:
    • Economical
    • Fixed blowdown
    • Pressure relief, overpressure protection
    • Higher capacity levels
    Sizes: ¼”, 3/8”, ½”, ¾” Options:
    • Brass, Teflon® or stainless steel ball-seat
    • Ring (showing) or handle-style lift lever
    • Stainless steel or brass valve
  • Description: Aquatrol’s Series 560/570 valve line is a high-capacity safety valve used for boilers, piping lines and vessel protection. The valves are designed and engineered for heavy-duty industrial use. They are ASME approved and National Board flow rated for capacity. Note: use V and UV Code Stamp logos Features:
    • Designed for durability
    • 6 orifices – 12 sizes of piping options
    • Top-guided seating and discharge
    • Full nozzle; high-capacity levels
    • Excellent reseating characteristics with pivoting ball-post design
    • Short, tuned blowdown; can be adjusted with double ring to meet specific requirements
    • Heavy-duty hood and lever mechanism
    • Standard 17-7 stainless steel springs
    • Series 560 – Use for ASME Section I applications to pressure ratings of 250 PSI. V and NB stamped for fired vessels. Boilers, or most areas where steam safety valves are required.
    • Series 570 – Use for ASME Section VIII applications to pressure ratings of 250 PSI. UV and NB stamped for unfired vessel protection. Protects or relieves air, gas and steam pressure.
    Sizes: ¼” to 2¼” Pressure and Temperature Limits:
    • National Board rated to 250#
    • Temperatures to 406 degrees F°
    • Stainless steel whetted trimming package (seat, disk and interiors)
    • O-ring seating (Teflon®, EDPM, Viton® or as specified)
    • Bubble-tight seating options
    • Anti-vibrating spring for lift lever
    • Packed lift lever
    • BPT pipe threading
  • Description: Aquatrol’s Series 69 is an industry-standard valve for liquid relief, liquid by-pass and over protection. Series 51 and 55 are generally used where size or spacing is a factor and in high-pressure settings. Features:
    • Ruggedly constructed
    • Metal-to-metal/precision lapped seating
    • Closed hex cap
    • Factory set and sealed (also can be field adjusted)
    • Variety of inlet and outlet options
    • Fixed blowdown
    • Closed bonnet design to minimize leakage
    • Liquid relief and overprotection
    • By-pass relief
    • Continuous relief
    • Pressure regulation
    • Pumping systems, tanks and hydraulics
    • Fluid lines
    • Oil fields and chemical processing
    Sizes: ¼” to 3” Pressure and Temperature Limits:
    • Pressures to 600#
    • Temperatures to 450 degrees F°
    • Wheel handle
    • Variety of inlet and outlets
    • Stainless steel inserts for corrosive or higher pressure protection
    • Polishing and chrome plating
  • Description: Aquatrol’s Series 88 and 89 are multi-purpose safety valves for steam, air or gas protection. They are designed for durability and are an economical choice for safety and relief applications. They are UV stamped, factory set and sealed. Choose from a variety of applications. Features:
    • Adjustable tuned blowdown
    • Precision lapped metal-to-metal seating
    • Stainless steel springs
    • Ruggedly constructed
    • Closed seal hex cap or lever option
    • Wide variety of inlet and outlet options
    • Disk-guided seat provides quick, accurate and excellent reseating
    • Overpressure protection
    • Pressure vessels
    • Piping systems
    • Safety relief
    • Compressors and dryers
    • Vacuum relief
    • Pressure reducing stations
    • Intercoolers and aftercoolers
    • Pressured piping lines and tanks
    Sizes: ¼” to 3” Pressure and Temperature Limits:
    • Pressures to 250#
    • Temperatures to 406 degrees F°
    • Stainless steel whetted trimming (seat and disk)
    • Chrome plating
    • Oxygen cleaning
    • Female inlet
    • BSPT connections