Why should I order Kunkle safety relief valves from you and not Kunkle directly?
Kunkle Valve processes and then manufactures the valves when you place your order- meaning it will take several weeks for you to receive your order. Dante Valve maintains a large inventory of fully assembled Kunkle safety relief valves – meaning we can ship to you the same day you place your order.

Are your valves under warranty?
Yes. Dante Valve offers a 2-year warranty* on all of our valves, whether new, reconditioned or repaired. Valves must have the original seals intact and must not have been tampered with or opened in order to maintain the warranty.

*Excluding customer negligence or abuse

What is the relationship between Dante Valve and Danco Valve?
Dante Valve merged its sister company Danco Valve into Dante’s operations effective July 31, 2011. The transaction made Dante a manufacturer, as well as a distributor, of valves and related products. The two companies were combined to take advantage of operational efficiencies.
Dante is the premier manufacturer of Danco’s military specification pressure relief valves, which will continue to be marketed under the Danco Valve name. Danco Valve products are produced primarily for Navy and Marine applications. Dante Valve maintains an extensive inventory of Danco Valve products that are available for immediate delivery.

Do you offer same-day shipping?
Yes. In many cases, we can ship your order on the same day. Dante Valve maintains a large inventory of industrial-use Kunkle relief valves for this purpose. Military specification orders can be expedited on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us to learn more about how we can meet your specific needs.

Is Dante Valve in conformance with any quality assurance systems?
Yes. Dante Valve is dedicated to Quality Assurance and is in compliance with ISO 9001, MIL-I-45208A and the National Board of Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspectors Valve Repair (VR) Program. We also manufacture in accordance with ASME Code Section I and Section VIII.

What are your payment terms?
Our policy is net 30 days for account payments.

How do I open an account?
Please complete and submit our online request for credit. After verifying references, we will notify you when your account has been opened.

Can I get a tracking number for my shipment?
Yes. Please email shipping@dantevalve.com and provide the P.O. number, and line item number if applicable, for the shipment in question.

What are your hours of operation?
Detailed information about hours of operation and holidays can be found on our Contact page.

How do I contact Dante Valve in the event of an after-hours emergency?
Email sales@dantevalve.com or call (562) 866-6680 or (888) 212-3222 (toll-free). Please provide a detailed message, and mark any email or voicemail message as urgent.